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Alpine Fest 2010 Lake Zurich Memorial Day 2010 182110_508799669146927_830221774_n image001


Craig Taylor has earned the right to be retained as Lake County Board member.

I am not a personal friend; even though he probably would make a good friend…. this as an observation as a former Lake Zurich plan commission member, Lake Zurich resident, Lake County resident, former Lake Zurich Trustee candidate, and current Foglia YMCA board member.

The majority of Lake County residents do not pay attention. So let me save you some time; Craig Taylor truly cares about our community.

I recently participated in a couple of Quentin Road expansion meetings and Craig was there to understand the impact and feelings of local residents. He is a great listener and will represent our interests in an effective, capable, and professional manor.

I know we are all busy and do not always get a chance to know the candidates. Craig has won my vote and I hope yours too!

Rob Bialk
17 year Lake Zurich Resident

It is with great pleasure that I/we endorse Craig for the Lake County Board seat. We arrived in Lake Zurich the same year as Craig and throughout those years at first we knew Craig from afar, but as we got involved in community activities and separate public bodies we came to know Craig as a responsible, caring and upright fellow which we can trust in any public office, knowing that he will do the right things for the communities as a whole and not for special interests or political affiliations. You can count on our vote (Nancy and I) in his quest for the County Board seat. If you are in need of any help in his election process don’t hesitate to call on us.

Guillermo (Bill) & Nancy (Mrs. C.) Caceres – Lake Zurich