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Lake County Stormwater Management Commission to review the
proposed Foxconn Development

The Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (SMC) has entered into a contract with
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. to review the proposed Foxconn development and related
adjacent improvements due to concerns of adverse impacts on flooding and water quality along
the Des Plaines River in Lake County.
The Taiwan-owned company, which is a major supplier to Apple Inc. for its iPhones, is
constructing a large manufacturing facility in Mount Pleasant in Racine County. The State of
Wisconsin passed legislation waiving environmental regulations for Foxconn and approved
various incentives.
The Foxconn site is in the headwaters of the Des Plaines River Watershed, which is immediately
upstream of Lake County and encompasses a major source of surface water.
In July 2017, intense rainfall in the Des Plaines River watershed created catastrophic and record breaking
flood heights in the region. To address watershed-wide flood impacts, it is essential that
proper flood mitigation methods for Foxconn and the surrounding area are planned, designed
and enforced.
“The economic development and potential job opportunities would have a positive impact on this
region, but we want to make sure our residents are not adversely affected,” said Craig Taylor,
SMC Chairman and District 19 Lake County Board Member. “Environmental impacts of the
development process should be proactively and adequately addressed. Lake County has made a
large investment in flood mitigation activities, and we want to ensure those efforts are supported
The impact analysis consists of a multi-phased review to objectively identify the magnitude of
stormwater, floodplain and wetland impacts, and mitigation methods proposed. Once the scope
has been completed, results will be reported and recommendations made.
SMC has been working toward improving water quality, reducing flood damages, and restoring
and enhancing the natural drainage system in Lake County since it was founded in 1990. SMC
Executive Director Mike Warner said, “Over the last 27 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of
developers to help resolve flooding problems throughout Lake County. Notable examples when
our engineering staff has provided technical review and design recommendations are: to the
Illinois State Toll Highway Authority on wetland mitigation at the Wisconsin-Illinois state line,
Exelon Corporation on flood mitigation for a power distribution substation, and most recently, we
worked closely with Woodman’s Markets of Janesville, Wisconsin on drainage improvements and
wetland mitigation for their Lake County based development.”
The Lake County Stormwater Management Commission and Lake County Board both approved
unanimous resolutions in June to oppose State of Wisconsin decisions to reduce environmental
standards that apply to Foxconn and adjacent development in southeastern Wisconsin counties.
The Board’s action includes any upstream development located in southeast Wisconsin that
flows into Lake County Watersheds